By Margaret Lyons
Updated March 16, 2010 at 10:10 PM EDT
Credit: Reuters/Lucas Jackson/Landov

Image Credit: Reuters/Lucas Jackson/LandovLegendary tech blog Fake Steve Jobs (some content NSFW) is being turned into a real TV show. Well, “real” — it’ll be on little-known cable channel/VOD service Epix. But still: author Daniel Lyons’ Silicon Valley satire is headed to the small screen.

According to Mike Fleming at Deadline Hollywood,”The show’s lead character, Tom Rhodes, is a composite of Jobs and other Silicon Valley titans, and the comedy is described as a savage satire, a study of ego, power and greed.” Oooh. Comedy god Larry Charles is producing iCON, and if it’s half as good as its source material we’re in for a treat.

Does Steve Jobs deserve to be taken down a peg? Eh, the guy’s a genius. But the tech world’s institutionalized hubris and abundant self-obsession — not to mention near-feral levels of competitiveness — are so ripe for a dead-on takedown. I say this with love.

Who do you want to see play faux-Steve Jobs, PopWatchers?