The biggest movie of all time is finally headed to your living room. Twentieth Century Fox announced that it will release Avatar on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 22 — Earth Day. But if you’re planning on taking a hammer to your piggy bank and racing out to buy one of those pricey 3-D TVs, hold up a sec. The home version of James Cameron’s f/x-a-palooza will only be available in 2-D. Additionally, the $29.98 DVD and $39.99 Blu-Ray will not come packed with extras — or any extras at all — because both Cameron and the studio wanted to deliver the film in all of its ground-breaking digital glory, which, of course, takes up precious disc space. Nevertheless, Fox says that a loaded, multi-disc edition will hit stores in November.

As for Avatar‘s Earth Day release date — which falls on a Thursday instead of the usual Tuesday DVD drop date — Cameron and Co. believe that the date makes sense because of the movie’s ecological themes. Without seeing it, we have no idea how a film as epic (in every sense of the word) as Avatar will play on the small screen. But we do know this: the fastest-selling DVD of all time (that would be Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, which managed to move 3 million DVDs on its first day back in December 2008) better get ready to be bumped down a peg.

Will you run out and buy Avatar on Earth Day, or will you wait for the loaded version in November…or buy both…or neither? Let’s hear from you.

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