This morning on The View, Jessica Simpson was set upon by the hosts to respond to John Mayer’s recent spate of stream-of-mouthiness interviews, including a comment about Simpson being “sexual napalm.” Simpson said, “Well, he’ll never have this napalm again.”

With this snappy retort, Simpson may have ushered a new term for a sexual part into popular usage. (Wait for it to pop up next season as a Christa Miller punchline on Cougar Town: “If he thinks he’s getting this napalm, he’ll be waiting to explode for a long time!”) What she’s definitely done is effectively promote tonight’s premiere of Jessica Simpson: The Price of Beauty, her new VH1 show.

Price of Beauty is an odd hybrid: part travel show (tonight: Thailand; next week: Paris), part Amazing Race-like gross-out reality show (Jessica and her friends eat fried cockroaches and gag obligingly), part Jessica Simpson comedy show (watch Jessica giggle during a gravely serious meditation session with a Buddhist monk).

Two things about this interest me. One, it’s clear from her View remarks and comments during Beauty that this entire globe-trotting series was inspired by that year-old hubbub about her jeans, which really goes to show how much that ridiculous publicity affected her. And two, I think a lot of people may actually check this show out.

And you know what? Tonight’s first episode, for all its ugly-American boorishness, is pretty fascinating, as a look at different cultural standards of beauty.

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