When I first heard of HGTV’s new series Home Rules, which combines life coaching and home décor, I thought: Genius! Sign Me Up! What could be better than a calm mind and a beautiful house? Therapists would be so much better if they also helped you organize your closets.

I’m surprised this show hasn’t happened sooner – I mean, how many times have you watched Supernanny and thought the kids would be better behaved if they lived in a cleaner house? And don’t get me started on some of those Wife Swap freaks who look like they belong on Hoarders instead.

Enter life coach/former WNBA star Fran Harris who helps families tackle their homes and their problems. I like Fran’s approach – she’s tough love but not too mean, and certainly seems knowledgeable about how to help folks with their lives (and their curtains).

In the premiere episode (on tonight at 9 p.m. EST), Fran visits Bob and Denise Violette and their four kids in Wallingford, CT. They’re suffering from money troubles, half-finished home repairs, and some kids crashing on the sofas.