By Kate Ward
March 15, 2010 at 06:38 PM EDT

Image Credit: Michael Becker/FOXIt’s been four days since we lost Alex Lambert, Katelyn Epperly, and Lilly Scott on American Idol, yet I’m still going through the stages of grief. Last Friday, when I filmed this week’s Idolatry with Michael Slezak, I was somewhere between denial and guilt. Why didn’t I vote Thursday night, PopWatchers? Why, why, why?!

But now, my friends, I’m onto bargaining. (You think I’d be at acceptance by now? Puh-leeze. I’m still holding a grudge about Scott Savol outlasting Constantine Maroulis in season 4. This is going to take a while.) Since I’m not going to waste Jermaine Sellers’ god’s time with my bargaining, I’ve decided to bargain with our dear Idol judges.

So here goes: Oh, Simon, Kara, Randy, and Ellen, I’ll continue to watch and vote if you do me this one favor: Please introduce a new rule this year called “The Judges Save Season 9,” in which you wipe half of the top 12 clean, bring back Alex, Katelyn, Killy, and, heck, even Joe Muñoz, and say, “America, try again!” Okay, so I know that’s not possible. But since the past two seasons of Idol have seen twists — contestants being allowed to use instruments; the judges’ save — I am hoping some kind of shocking rule will get implemented to shake up season 9. A bonus wildcard episode? (Remember: Season 2 wouldn’t have had Clay Aiken or Kim Caldwell without the wildcard.) Personally, my favorite idea comes from Idolatry commenter Mary, who wrote: “I propose a new twist, like when the judges could save a contestant. In the middle of the season, have those 4 come back, give one all or nothing performance, and have the judges or even America vote for one to get back into the competition.”

Who else agrees with Mary? Better ideas for a season 9 twist?

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