''This Too Shall Pass'' is the newest video from the inventive band

By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated March 12, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

Remember that amazing treadmill clip? This might be even better. OK Go’s ”This Too Shall Pass” video features an insane, two-story Rube Goldberg contraption. The band’s Tim Nordwind tells us how they pulled it off.

Step One Get inspired by YouTube.
”Our guitarist, Andy Ross, sent us [a clip of] a Rube Goldberg project that people in an office had done where they used found objects. We were just mesmerized. It gave us the feeling like ‘Wow, anyone could do this with enough time and thought put into it.”’

Step Two Ask some rocket scientists for help.
”We put a brief synopsis of what we wanted to do on a couple of science message boards. This group from L.A. called Synn Labs [responded], which is a group of physicists and NASA engineers.”

Step Three Tour while the eggheads spend four months building your contraption in an empty warehouse.
”When we came back, we walked in and everything looked amazing.”

Step Four Set up cameras. Turn on machine. Repeat.
”We did something like 60 takes. I stopped counting around 38.”

Step Five Clean up from the machine’s paintball-firing grand finale.
”I got hit with paint much more than I cared to. There was one time when I got hit so hard that we had to stop shooting for a while. But it was worth the pain.”

Step Six Take the machine on your next tour? Perhaps not.
”That would be hellish, man. It used to be, when we’d show up to shows, people would be like, ‘Did you bring your treadmills?’ Now I’m getting ready for round 2: ‘Did you bring your Rube Goldberg machine?’ I guess that’s what you get for making a video with a Rube Goldberg machine.”