By Annie Barrett
Updated July 29, 2020 at 06:28 PM EDT
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Last night, Ausiello broke the news that Katherine Heigl will likely not return to Grey’s Anatomy. It won’t be a difficult adjustment. Dr. Izzie Stevens — who has been on a leave of absence for more than half of this season — is already out of Grey’s viewers’ minds, and even though her character’s plotlines have been some of the show’s most ludicrous, her actual exit was one long yawn. (Or maybe one of those weird “unpredictable” yawns with the multiple short spurts, if you consider Heigl’s history of tension with showrunners.) Grey’s fans may be sorry Heigl won’t be back, but no one who’s still watching the show at this point is watching for her.

It looks like Heigl wants to continue to focus on her film career. It would be interesting to see her branch out from romantic comedies, though perhaps getting bzzzzzzed under the table at a fancy restaurant (The Ugly Truth) and playing the just-as-beautiful duckling to Malin Ackerman (27 Dresses) is the best fit for Heigl. Not too many other actresses could fumble with a gun and ask Ashton Kutcher, “Have you seen the SIZE of this thing?” without making me wish I had a huge gun of my own to point at myself. (I’m referring to the “coming soon” trailer for Killers, embedded after the jump.) Heigl makes her romantic-comedy roles less clunky than you’d expect, and I’m more likely to watch something silly if she’s in it.

What about you? Will Seattle Grace suffer without her, or is Izzie already gone in your mind anyway? And what about Heigl’s future? Take our poll below and then sound off in the comments.

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