By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 12, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST
Patrick Ecclestein/Fox

Image Credit: Patrick Ecclestein/Fox Todrick Hall, 24, knows he’s had some rough weeks. Immediately pegged as ”the dancer who can sing,” Hall set out early to prove himself. On Wednesday night, he thought he did just that, but voters thought otherwise. EW spoke with Hall following his elimination.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you doing?

TODRICK HALL: Good. I’m really excited about what the future holds.

Dealing with the elimination OK?

You know what, I woke up yesterday, and I felt good about what I did and that’s all I wanted to do. I knew there was a chance I could be going with the critiques from the past couple of weeks, but I didn’t want to go last week only because I knew I didn’t prove to America I could sing. And that’s what I came on TV to do.

So what’s next?

Well, I started my own campaign to be the next cast member on Glee, so I’m going all the way with it 100 percent and telling everybody. Ellen talked about it today on her show. I think if you put it out there it will happen. I was already on Broadway before I came on here, so it’s the perfect avenue for me. I’d like to put out a CD as some point, but the closest thing in my future is a recurring role on Glee.

What kind of character do you see yourself being?

Well, you know, they have Mercedes on the show, so I think I could be the token black guy, who sings but also dances. I think it’d be funny if I came in and gave the kids from Glee a little run for their money as the triple threat. A lot of the characters on there are either singers or dancers or one or the other. One guy’s even in a wheelchair. I think it’d be cool if I was a transfer from an actual fine arts school or something and trained in ballet and then they find out I can sing. I think that’d be a cool twist on the show.

You’ve really thought about this.

You know, I didn’t actually think about it until last night. When I was on the show, I watched the comments back and Simon was like ”It looked like you were doing American Idol the musical.” And then Randy said ”Glee.” And I was actually like, I’m not going to say that’s an insult to be compared to Glee because Glee is doing pretty well right now. It’s one of the most successful shows on TV, it’s always on iTunes really high up, those kids are working, they’re about to go on tour. I was like ”That would be exactly what I came to American Idol to do.”

Just to get your name out there.

Yea. A lot of the people who have been on American Idol have unfortunately not been very successful after the show is over. I would be one of the most successful contestants to not make it to the Top 12. So that would be a good statistic to throw into the show. It’s what you make of it.

Getting back to the show, what do you think was the biggest factor that got you voted off?

I firmly believe that what Simon says – and Kara, but mostly Simon – really, really influences America. I feel like whatever he says to people, people will believe. I think if he says to me, ”Todrick, you look very musical theater,” and says it in a negative tone, people will [respond negatively]. But if he has said, ”Todrick, you’re like the male Lady Gaga, you’re so over the top. You’re so theatrical and there’s no one else out there like that…,” then a lot of people would respond to that. It’s like Mean Girls — how the girls at the school do something and all the other people follow. I think he has such influence that when he says something, it really affects people. I didn’t want to play it safe and that’s why Ellen said, ”You’re a brave kid.” I’m not going to go on TV and not take risks because that’s what life’s about. I feel like things would have been different if I had gone and been a cookie cutter urban guy, singing Neo or Chris Brown or Bryan McKnight or Stevie Wonder, something people would expect an African-American male to sing. I really appreciate those artists, they helped me become who I am. I learned from them, but I don’t want to be that type of artist. I want to be someone who has a concert where it’s over-the-top and people are flying around and there’s smoke and lights and pyrotechnics. That’s kind of hard to convey on TV when you don’t have those things around.

So besides Glee, any goals?

I’m also reaching out to Oprah because I want her to adopt me as her child because she’s awesome, and I love her.

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