Readers respond to ''Alice in Wonderland,'' the 20 best Oscar dresses, and the story behind Disney's rebirth

The Odd Couple
While watching Ed Wood for the first time, I thought about how neat it would be if Johnny Depp played a young Gomez Addams (opposite Christina Ricci as young Morticia, of course). They would have to do the ”Masochism Tango.”
Jean Lamb
Klamath Falls, Ore.

To me, Tim Burton movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Planet of the Apes are nearly unwatchable. On the flip side, Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas are timeless classics. Anyone else see a pattern? I’ll take Burton’s vision over his version any day!
David Glassner
West Hollywood

Regarding your recognition of great Depp roles, two words: From Hell. You are forgiven.
Michael Moore
Chattanooga, Tenn.

  • Eye of the Beholder
  • How could you leave Helen Mirren out of your rundown of the 20 best Oscar dresses? She was a knockout in her red Georges Chakra gown for the 2008 Oscars, and I think it blew away half the dresses on your list.
  • Lori Lamb
  • Federal Way, Wash.

Senior editor Meeta Agrawal responds: You’re right, Mirren always knocks it out come awards season (though I’d argue that her golden Christian Lacroix from the ’07 Oscars was her best dress). But when we had to choose the 20 most iconic, she just didn’t make the cut.

  • In your article about the worst Oscar style, Björk was persecuted for the millionth time for the swan dress that she wore in 2001. Yet you often fawn over Lady Gaga’s fashion-forward choices, including outfits made out of Kermit the Frog dolls or plastic bubbles. Björk deserves to be lauded for paving the way for people like Gaga.
  • Bryan McCall
  • Seattle

Sketchy Situation
”The Year Animation Was Reborn” was so refreshing. It reminded people of Disney’s period of greatness — The Little Mermaid is a film Walt Disney himself would have been very proud of. I hope the company keeps doing more classic animation, like The Princess and the Frog, rather than more movies like G-FORCE.
Sarah Kowalyk
North Wales, Pa.

Awards: Worthy
Sorry, Uncle Stevie, but I disagree with your comment that people who only like the movies love the Oscars and vice versa. I happen to fully enjoy both. It’s satisfying to see the people who entertain us all year get rewarded by their peers on that spectacle of an evening. And if I get a glimpse of a glamorous gown or two, what’s the harm in that?
Monica Muehsam
West Grove, Pa.

Was That Really Johnny Depp?
Holy Frodo! Plenty of EW readers wrote to us about the peculiar resemblance between Mad Hatter Johnny Depp on our cover and Elijah Wood. (But some of you, noting the gap in Depp’s front teeth, swore it was Madonna.) Curiosity seekers that we are, we took to the Web and polled a larger sampling of our online audience to determine the ultimate Depp doppelgänger. As you can see, the results are overwhelming. But we assure you: Any similarity is purely coincidental.

64% Thought Johnny Depp looked like Elijah Wood on our cover
23% Thought Johnny Depp looked like Johnny Depp
13% Thought Johnny Depp looked like Madonna

Alice in Wonderland
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