''Iron Man 2,'' Adam Lambert, and Naomi Campbell made pop culture news this week

By EW Staff
March 12, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

· New Iron Man 2 trailer starts with Tony Stark saying, ”It’s good to be back.” The feeling is mutual.
· Fringe renewed for a third season. Although in a parallel universe, it’s actually season 6 and stars Matthew Fox.
· Can Zach Galifianakis appear on every TV show — or at least in every Saturday Night Live monologue — for the rest of time?
· We miss you, Michelle Pfeiffer.
· We kinda love this couple: Jamie Foxx and Stacey Dash. (Hi, girl from Clueless!)
· Jimmy Kimmel’s awesome Handsome Men’s Club sketch. Note to producers of Valentine’s Day: This is what you do when a bunch of celebrities get together.

· Dear Boss: I’m gonna be sick on April 3. Oh, the iPad comes out that day? Really? I had no idea.
· Adam Lambert performs in Australia with ridiculous codpiece. Gives new meaning to ”Down Under.”
· Hilary Swank: It’s been 11 years since Boys Don’t Cry. You don’t need to keep proving that you’re a woman.
· 20,000 Cleveland Cavaliers fans wear Snuggies to a game, then go home to cats and Suddenly Susan reruns (the men too).
· Mrs. Garrett pulls a Kanye at the Oscars. Wait, sorry, that’s Elinor Burkett.
· Dame Edna in a rare red-carpet appearance. Wait, sorry, that’s Kelly Clarkson.

· Brooke Burke named new Dancing With the Stars host. ”Finally, robots are getting their rightful place in prime time!” cheers C-3PO.
· This press release (it’s real!): ”Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary teams up with CBS to release ‘The Colonoscopy Song.”’
· Naomi Campbell heads to Haiti. Hasn’t the poor country been through enough?
· Crazy clothes in Paris fashion week: How do you say ”no way in hell” in French?
· Ke$ha says she wants to be a bridesmaid at Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding. Here’s hoping all guests receive hand sanitizer as a parting gift.
· Whoopi Goldberg admits to the entire universe that she pees uncontrollably. TMI forever.
· Stars who chew gum during the Oscar telecast