By Emily Exton
Updated March 11, 2010 at 10:47 PM EST
Everett Collection

Image Credit: Everett Collection On Monday’s finale of My Life as Liz, alterna-gal Liz Lee announced she was leaving her sleepy town of Burleson, Texas after graduation, headed for the Big Apple. In an interview with MTV, Lee revealed that her dreams of moving to New York City after graduation were fueled by none other than…The Notorious B.I.G. Yes, seriously.

“Well, he talks about New York in his work, and it seemed like New York was such an inspiration to him that I thought, I need to go here,” Lee told MTV News.

There you have it, proof that Biggie continues to inspire, even from the grave. Lee’s move to New York in hopes of embodying the lyrics of ”Juicy,” reveals just how much influence pop culture has, and is an example of how fans attempt to emulate their favorite characters, celebrities, or authors.

Lee is certainly not the first girl to be impacted by the Notorious B.I.G.’s rhymes, nor is she the only example of the power of the pop culture role model. In the mid-’90s ”The Rachel,” the short hairstyle made popular by Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green on Friends, was seemingly imitated at every hair salon across the country. MTV’s Jackass spawned a series of copycats. (There were some who even lit themselves on fire in the name of Johnny Knoxville.) Today the popularity of Glee has led to a rise in singing groups in high schools and colleges. For me, there was no greater inspiration than Tess McGill aka Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. (Minus the sneaker with business suits fashion choice, big hair, and Staten Island ferry commute.) Her rise to the top of the business world, snatching up Harrison Ford along the way, made me want to hit the New York City pavement and take charge. I too could make it in the big city! (Cue: a Mary Tyler Moore hat throw here).

So now it’s your turn: Who is your pop culture role model? What is your biggest pop culture inspiration? How did you act on that influence? Was it a road trip cross-country just like Jack Kerouac in On The Road? Did you start ordering Cosmos after watching Sex and the City? Did Elle Woods make you want to go to law school? Let’s hear it!