Image Credit: Eric Liebowitz/ABCAfter more than a month away, Ugly Betty finally came back to play last night with a new episode that — yes, it’s sad to say — will be one of the show’s last. But regardless of that, last night’s hour, titled “Fire and Nice,” was a pure delight.

The mystery about who, in fact, started the fire at the Suarez house ended up inspiring everyone to be totally honest. Which means — my favorite! — lots of secrets were revealed to parties that were formerly in the dark: Daniel discovered that the model lurking around Mode was his brother, via Claire and Cal Hartley. Willy revealed to her old flame Don that she was only hanging around him and playing along for the sex. Bobby was honest with Hilda in an on-the-knee kind of way, asking her for her hand in marriage. And the Suarez clan found out, rather unexpectedly, that Betty was the one responsible for the fire at their house.

And the episode also played with one other little bit of honesty that is bound to be revealed by the end of the show’s run: Justin’s impending sexuality. The scenes between Justin and Marc, who seemed sure that Justin was about to tell him that he was gay, were priceless. I hope the producers go there before Ugly Betty signs off for good!

Besides all that goodness, as usual, the episode was loaded with awesome quips, which I have pulled together for you here. Enjoy!

“Please, I was getting that thing off her head one way or another.” —Justin, after “accidentally” spitting on his aunt Betty’s sparkly hat while he, Betty, and Hilda brushed their teeth at the same time

“Got it. Take notes from Daniel. Real notes from you.” —Marc, reiterating Willy’s instructions about how to prep for an upcoming test shoot

“What is it they said about you the other day in the paper? They called you a ‘power-hungry fashion Nazi’? But that’s a good thing in your business, though, right?” —Don, upon meeting his old flame Willy/Wanda for the first time in 25 years

“Nope. About 10 minutes away.” —Marc, commenting about when Betty will arrive in the Mode office, after taking a deep sniff of the air

“What’s up? You’re stress cooking and your shoulders are all the way up by your mustache!” —Amanda, to Ignacio, who’s asked her to come over to Betty’s apartment (where he’s living) so he can confess that he thinks he started the fire at the Suarez house

“Accusing my family of something like that, when you haven’t even met them yet… you know, that takes a big fat set of kiwis!” —Bobby, after Hilda asks if he or his family burned down her family’s house

“Big whoop! I’m filling in at reception today. Besides, I’m freaking with the boss, so it’s all okay.” —Amanda, flippantly telling Daniel (the boss), why she’s late to the Mode office

“Decorating my world!” —Amanda, after Daniel asks her why a particular model is in the Mode office

“Trust me, Kathy, that hurt you more than it hurt me. Now, the only reason I’m not firing you is that you finally discovered concealer.” —Willy, after tearing the work of one of her employees

“Willy! Please don’t hit me for saying this, but your face just softened!” —Marc, after Willy admitted to liking her old flame Don

“What’s the big deal? It’s one slice of pizza and a little over the sweater!” —Hilda, trying to convince Betty that she should go out with firefighter Jimmy so their fire inspection can get moved up the list

“Marc, tell her ‘no.’ And throw away her bagel. She doesn’t need it.” —Willy, instructing Betty via Marc

“You’re smouthing again! Smiling with your mouth. It’s a very common mistake.” —Amanda, while helping Claire’s long-lost son do some modeling test shots

“Get Kathy back in here, I need to kick someone!” —Willy, in a rage-filled moment, referencing a staffer she was mean to earlier in the day

“Wilhelmina is so supportive of us all. If someone’s having a problem, she’s involved. And if there are tears, she’s there.” —Betty, back-handedly “complimenting” Willy in front of her new beau

“Betty Suarez is not my friend! And I’m not going back to some little tenement mud hut in Little Mexico!” —Willy, finally letting go of the ruse that she’s friends with Betty

“My favorite moment of the day is throwing out my breakfast muffin in front of a homeless person! Anyone with a mole is an idiot! And anything you’ve read about me is true or it might as well be true.” —Willy, explaining to her old flame who she really is

“Hilda Suarez, I love you. Will you marry me?” —Bobby, asking for Hilda’s hand

So, Ugly Betty fans, what amazing one-liner did I miss? Which was your favorite? Do you think Justin will come out by season’s end? Does he even have to come out? (He’s so young!) What do you want to see happen to your favorite Ugly Betty character before the show signs off?

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