By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated March 10, 2010 at 02:00 PM EST

A spam comment on Discovery Channel’s YouTube page simultaneously makes me chuckle and describes the network’s upcoming special with shocking accuracy: ”Hi sexy,” it says. That’s right, science on TV is sexy. Nerds and people who rely on their television to show them the world (holla!), this Must List pick is for you (erm… us).

From the producers of Planet Earth, the 11-part Life series (narrated by Oprah!) takes us to parts of the world I thought only existed in Disney movies for an up-close look at the animals that live in exotic locales. In all honesty, I’m not a science person–just ask my sixth-grade science teacher Mr. Wilkinson, who all but gave up on me and solidified my decision to explore the language arts. But the wonderful thing about specials like Life is that even simpleton viewers (such as myself) can appreciate the incomparable visuals, fine storytelling and all the disgustingly awesome close-up shots of insects (Watch the preview about the stalk-eyed fly to see what I mean). It’s science for the everyman, and we could all use a little education. If for nothing else, it might help counter all the depressingly brainless reality TV I consume. It’s the type of reality TV that’s good for you, the broccoli of TV, if you will. And broccoli ain’t so bad (sometimes).

For more on Life, you can check EW’s reviews section later today for Ken Tucker’s take on the special. But in the meantime, tell me: What’s on your Must List this week? Are you going to be tuning in to Life? Or is there another TV event/song/show/DVD/movie that’s got your attention this week? Sound off below and enjoy the intense trailer for Life below.