By Dan Snierson
March 09, 2010 at 05:23 AM EST

Image Credit: ABC It wasn’t feel-good, but it was damn good: Last week’s episode of Lost, titled “Sundown,” featured an intriguing game of chess between Dogen and UnLocke (with Sayid as pawn), a tense reunion involving Kate and Claire, a killer rampage by Smokey, and a farewell of sorts to the Temple. If you’re still reeling from the action, you might want to fire up the latest episode of Totally Lost, in which Jeff Jensen and I discuss all things “Sundown,” learn an acting secret from Evangeline Lilly , and offer up a few teasers about this week’s adventure. You’ll also see what happened when we journeyed to Oahu to visit sacred ground. After you watch, share your thoughts on “Sundown” below: Did you like the Dogen-Smokey-Sayid dynamic? What did you make of the look on UnLocke’s face when he saw Kate at the end of the episode? And should Kate be very, very afraid of Claire?


*Finally, the tweets have been tallied: By a vote of something like but not necessarily 85-50, America has decided that when it comes to a ladder belonging to Jacob, the proper music reference is Rush, not Huey Lewis and The News. (Others receiving votes: Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Hornsby, and… Chumbawamba.) Thanks to everyone who slightly clogged Twitter by participating in this contest. So, what happens now? Well, I believe we can make Jeff do whatever we want, and right now I’m thinking that he should spend the rest of the week listening to “Cygnus X-1” on Rush’s excellent A Farewell to Kings, which, according to Wikipedia, contains “the highest note sung by Geddy Lee on any studio album (Bb5 at 9:27).” But I’m open to suggestions.