By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated March 09, 2010 at 01:48 PM EST

Simon Cowell hit the newly re-Leno-ized Tonight Show last night to, ostensibly, talk American Idol, but Jay cajoled him into also (rather awkwardly) introducing his (really cute) fiancee/makeup artist:

I like seeing Simon humanized, not only by seeing the woman he’s marrying but seeing him go from trying to maintain his British crustiness to giving in and just acting like a normal person talking about his recent engagement while she squishes into the chair with him. I also enjoyed his straightforward rationale on kids: He’s a bit old to have them, but he would like a bunch of “little me’s” around. (Let’s face it, anyone who has them is having them for this basic reason.) Though probably more than all the talk about his fiancee, I love the great affection with which he talks about Paula Abdul now that she’s gone from Idol, he can drop the love/hate act they had, and, as he indicates, they will do something together in the future.

All in all, a fun glimpse at a warmer — but still properly British and snarky — Simon Cowell. What did you think, PopWatchers?