Hollywood does not like to let a Kanye moment go, and why should it? (I know, I know, though: We should at least stop calling it that.) One night after Best Documentary Short Subject Oscar-winners Elinor Burkett took over the mic from Roger Ross Williams (due to creative differences) during Sunday night’s Academy Awards, David Letterman and The Daily Show spoofed the pair’s awkward interaction. First, watch something that seems like a spoof but somehow actually happened: Larry King invited Roger Ross Williams to give his Oscar speech uninterrupted AND THEN CUT HIM OFF. And then to rub it in, King said “I wasn’t cutting you off, Kanye.” What?!

On Late Show with David Letterman, a brightly suited woman crashed Dave’s monologue (03:15):

And on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee wore her best purple people eater pashmina to interrupt John Oliver’s “Arabian Rights” segment (4:05):

Will the Prudence spoofdom die by tonight? It is no longer National Women’s Day, so… you tell us.

Hell to the No!
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