Gossip Girl is FINALLY back on the air and it’s like reuniting with that bitchy high school gal pal: She’s not always nice but she’s a helluva good time. It honestly feels like this show has been on hiatus for more than a few months. And sadly Life Unexpected just doesn’t do it for me the way Gossip Girl does. I can’t handle a show with characters named Lux. That’s a name for a hamster.

So we returned to the Upper East Side with Serena and Nate in full force love time. These two are hot like fire and I’m psyched to see where this story is going… mostly because where it seems to be going involved them in various states of undress. I will say that I found them having sex in the Waldorf living room a little gross and unsanitary. I mean Dorota wasn’t even around to clean up afterward. Blair would definitely not be pleased. But back to Serena and Nate. Their coatroom hook-up was totally sexy, although, do coat check rooms usually have sofas in them? Unclear on that. Also loooved that Serena, of course, showed up to the French Ambassador dinner rocking major cleavage. She’s like the U.S. Ambassador of Boobs.

It turns out Serena is an acquaintance of Jenny’s little drug-dealing pal, Damian. This dude might be one of the best characters Gossip Girl has ever introduced. First of all — and most importantly for this show — he’s really cute. Second, he’s sketchy and kinda evil, which is EXACTLY what this show needs. And he brings out the beast in Jenny, which is also something the show needs. Speaking of Little J., she’s really becoming quite the little villainess. In fact, at the French Ambassador dinner, she was dressed like a wiccan with a horrible taste in lip gloss. That weird shrug she made to transport Damian’s drugs was so janky, too. It looked like black felt with Sprees glued on. Not cute.

Now, Blair’s coat for the French Ambassador party was phenomenal. Loooved it. And her asymmetrical dress was fab too. I’m kind of sick of the whole Blair wanting to be part of a secret society thing. Who cares? I much prefer her dealing with Chuck. I loved that she dropped everything she was doing to go with him to interrogate that weird Elizabeth lady. Speaking of Elizabeth, how can Chuck not realize she’s hiding something? I do love that she has the other part of the locket; it’s all very Annie. What could she be hiding? Why would Bart have told Chuck that his mother was dead? Very intriguing.

Pleeeeeassssse do not have an affair, Rufus! It’s just all so dumb. Don’t do it dude, especially with some lady who lives a few floors below you!

Dan was sort of MIA this episode aside from a few choice moments at the Brooklyn loft. And he’s sadly still pining over Vanessa.

All in all, a totally fine episode last night. It does feel like they’re setting up some potentially juicy story lines, like Damian and Chuck’s mysterious maybe-mama.

What did you think PopWatchers? Did you like last night’s episode?

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Spotted: Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, Vanessa, and Nate — hooking up, breaking up, and freaking out. You know you love it! XOXO!

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