By Annie Barrett
Updated March 08, 2010 at 09:23 PM EST

New mullet, new girlfriend, new ‘tude, new dude? An uncharacteristically grumpy-faced George Clooney provided a show-within-a-show during last night’s Oscars. In case anyone had turned against him for his pained facial expressions (if that’s the sort of weird thing you do; personally I found the feigned bitchery rather refreshing) or thinks it was a sign of a Clooney-Alec Baldwin-Steve Martin feud, know that Clooney was in on the joke, at least during co-hosts Baldwin and Martin’s opening banter (Baldwin said “Oh, look, it’s George Clooney”; the two exchanged an evil eye; Baldwin took a long pause and simply moved on). “Both Alec and Steve told him ahead of time,” Clooney’s rep told EW. We have yet to hear from the lower quadrant of his hair. Story developing….

Anyone surprised? Are you serious?

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