By Annie Barrett
Updated March 08, 2010 at 07:36 PM EST

For a few seconds during Neil Patrick Harris’ opening “What am I doing here?” song-and-dance, I wondered if that sparklemonster would be sticking around for the whole show. No need! Co-hosts Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin descended from high, unbuckled their floating-platform safety belts, and got their scripted-zinger party started. The first time I watched their opening segment, I thought it was awkward; the second time I was more amused — maybe because it’s more fun to watch Steve Martin rev up for a joke about how he and Gabourey Sidibe were both born as poor black children (in their respective first movies) when you know he’s about to say it.

My favorite Baldwin/Martin moment, though, was when they had truly “settled in” under a double Snuggie backstage. Snuggie/Slanket jokes are always/only funny when they’re nonverbal. You cannot acknowledge a Snuggie. I believe, as a society, we’re simply past that point. After that, I kind of forgot they were the hosts…though I did like when, at the very end, Martin attempted to snag Kathryn Bigelow’s statues and quipped that the show had been so long that “Avatar now takes place in the past.” That one got a huge laugh…of relief?

Was the Tangerine Dream your favorite moment from “the biggest pair since Dolly Parton,” too, or did you prefer their Paranormal Activity spoof? Should they host together again? And how much more should Baldwin and Martin have been utilized last night? I say 20 percent….

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