The newest Iron Man 2 trailer ran after the Oscars last night. The first preview was pretty heavy on Mickey Rourke, but this new trailer spreads the love around to the rest of the cast: more Scarlett Johansson as the mysterious Black Widow, more Sam Rockwell as the villainous Justin Hammer, and more Don Cheadle as the new, improved Jim Rhodes.

I’m pretty excited about everything we’re seeing. The dialogue has all the witty screwball zip from the first Iron Man (“I want one”), but you also get the sense that the filmmakers are going for some Batman-ish gravitas. (Doesn’t that interrogation scene between Whiplash and Tony Stark remind you, in a good way, of the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight?) I’m also pretty stoked about the squadron of evil Iron Man copies; is it too late to rename the movie Iron Men?

I do wish we got a chance to hear Johansson’s Black Widow — she doesn’t say a word in this trailer. In the comic books, the Black Widow was a Russian spy, and I was looking forward to catching a preview of her accent. (Russian is not easy to pull off! Just ask Harrison Ford.)

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you liking these first looks at Iron Man 2? Have you gotten over your initial hesitation about Mickey Rourke’s exploding wrist-whips? And which suit of armor do you like best: the red-and-gold original, the heavy-ammo War Machine version, or that red-and-silver mini-suit at the end of the trailer?

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