By Mandi Bierly
Updated March 08, 2010 at 04:14 PM EST

Image Credit: Michael Desmond/ABCPopWatch is always happy to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar, but we’re even happier when his hair is short. So, to whomever will be styling it for the hourlong TBS comedy pilot Franklin & Bash, make that happen. We make a public plea because our concern is genuine and twofold: 1) We know that Gosselaar likes to grow his locks when he’s not in front of the camera, and TNT’s Raising the Bar has been off the air for a while. 2) According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show revolves around “two street lawyers and lifelong friends who, after taking down a white-shoe law firm in a high-profile case, are recruited by the firm’s patriarch. Bash [Gosselaar] has an uncanny ability to connect with a jury and judge, and Franklin [Breckin Meyer] is bent on sticking it to the Man.” We can see where you’d be tempted to have Gosselaar and Meyer wear longer hair to show that Steven Bash and Jared Franklin are rebels who buck the system, but there are other ways. For reference, here is a shot of Gosselaar from Commander in Chief showing Optimum Hair Hotness. (For a warning: Here is a shot from the first season of Raising the Bar.)

Are we loving the idea of Gosselaar returning to comedy? Yes, actually. It’s time he lighten up and play a guy who doesn’t have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Or, if he does (we’re guessing he’s the straight man to Meyer’s wild card), who can at least joke about it. Who would you like see cast as the firm’s patriarch? If the character is a bitof a loose cannon himself — which could explain why he’d make an offer to Franklin and Bash and why they’d accept — I’d vote for James Spader (because I’m assuming Ted Danson is too busy).

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