Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar bash has turned into a reliably amusing event, whether he’s giving out awards for the Best Actor In Real Life (Jay Leno, a loser again)

or presiding over The Handsome Men’s Club, with Rob Lowe, Ethan Hawke, John Krasinski, Taye Diggs, and the great Ted Danson, with a theme song by Lenny Kravitz. (Spoilers: Robert Pattinson’s membership vote gets overruled, and be sure to stay for the “threesome” ending):

Turns out Jimmy Kimmel also noticed what I did during Barbara Walters’ final pre-Oscar special: Her primly horrified glance at Mo’Nique’s unshaven legs during their interview:

Guest Robert Downey. Jr., showed off Oscar swag including, he said to Kimmel, “Harry Winston gave me this lovely watch, or to you, six months of your salary.” That’s what I like: Stars who are shameless and funny about their lush lives. And, oh yeah: Downey told stories of the weirdness of Mickey Rourke and premiered the new Iron Man 2 trailer:

From top (“Kathryn Bigelow was the first woman ever to beat her ex-husband in front of a billion people”) to bottom (Iron Man 2 looks like big fun, yes?), Kimmel’s show was an excellent way to erase from your mind those dreadful actors saluting each other during the Best Actor and Actress categories, don’t you think?

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