By Michael Ausiello
March 08, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Image Credit: Parsons: Cliff Lipson/CBS; Nimoy: CBSSheldon’s dream of meeting Leonard Nimoy may soon become a reality on The Big Bang Theory. Executive producer Bill Prady says the hit sitcom will likely approach the Star Trek legend early next season about making a cameo.

“We’ll probably make a general inquiry,” says Prady. “And if there’s enough interest, we’ll develop a story. The fans have said that’s the dream get, and we agree.”

Nimoy declined an invitation to appear on Big Bang back in season 2, although the 78-year-old has since returned to television with a recurring gig on Fringe. “There’s always an issue with actors playing themselves,” Prady theorizes, “which most actors would rather not do.”

Perhaps Nimoy would be more amenable to playing a cloned version of himself? Sheldon does, after all, possess a napkin with the actor’s DNA on it. “I think [cloning Nimoy] is beyond even Sheldon’s capabilities at this point,” says Prady with a laugh. “Although I wouldn’t underestimate him.”

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