By Ken Tucker
Updated March 06, 2010 at 10:50 PM EST

It was a match made in TV heaven: Craig Ferguson met Paula Deen for the first time last night, and you could tell it was love at first bite. Between her Southern accent and his Scottish one (“Ah cain’t unnerstand anythin’ you say!” she said; or maybe that was Craig), her love of butter (she licks the stick she’s using to grease the pan!) and his love of bacon (“It’s a guy thing”), these two made the best stuffed baked potatoes ever:

Just as Craig raised the bar recently with his one-guest, Stephen Fry chat, so last night did he lower the bar, delightfully, with many rude jokes about making your mashed potatoes stiff, “forking,” and casting wonderously disbelieving glances at the cheesy chatterbox that is the lovely Paula Deen.

Wouldn’t you watch these two do a segment like this every week?

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