By Dave Karger
Updated August 03, 2020 at 11:10 AM EDT

In the fifth of my series of six OscarWatch TV installments (and the final episode before this Sunday’s ceremony), Missy Schwartz and I tackle the two races that have the most people talking this year: Best Picture and Best Actress. Can Avatar capitalize on all the negativity surrounding The Hurt Locker and pull out a victory (particularly if, as The Envelope’s Tom O’Neil is reporting, 25 percent of the ballots still hadn’t been returned as of late last week)? Can Meryl Streep actually beat Sandra Bullock and take home her first Oscar in 28 years? Check out what Missy and I have to say and tell us what you think.

I’ll be at the Spirit Awards tonight, the Weinstein Co. bash tomorrow, and the Elton John AIDS Foundation viewing party on Sunday; be sure to follow me on Twitter (@davekarger) for updates all weekend long.

Image credit: WETA