By Archana Ram
Updated March 05, 2010 at 07:08 PM EST

Michelle Delamor got booted off Idol last night for her uneven rendition of Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open,” but the 22-year-old Miami native hasn’t lost hope. Delamor chatted with EW about last night, why she chose a Creed song, and what was up with those gloves.

EW: How are you feeling today?

MICHELLE DELAMOR: Yesterday was pretty draining for me. I was very disappointed, but I woke up today with a feeling of belief that everything’s going to be OK. I know that I came here to do something so big and this was just a part of my path and a part of my growth. It was pretty disappointing but I’m ready to get up and do something big with my life.

Were you surprised when they said your name?

I was because I thought I was going to go further in the competition and I thought I had a lot more to offer that what I showed on Wednesday night’s performance. I was hoping I’d go further because I knew I had so much more to give. I didn’t feel like I fully ever got to show America or the rest of the world what I had to offer. I thought the journey would go a little longer but it’s all good.

Do you regret picking “With Arms Wide Open” for your song?

I don’t have any regrets. I do like the song a lot. It’s not even a regret because it was a lesson for me, but I think I went in a space I shouldn’t have. I was over-thinking it. I really wanted to listen to what the judges said and make sure everything was OK. I wasn’t coming from that special place where it really matters. I learned from it. I wish I would’ve learned a little sooner! It’s not just about the judges watching you, it’s about giving the performance of your life. It makes it that much better that when one day, when I make it really big, I’ll be back stronger than ever from this whole experience.

If you could go back in time and change your song, do you know what you would choose?

Yes! I would’ve done “Come Together” by The Beatles, Michael Jackson-style. I love that song. It has so much intensity. My idol covered it. I love the way Michael Jackson did it.

A lot of people talked about your outfit, the accessories and all. What was the thought behind it?

I’m really big on fashion. I want to design my own clothing line, fashion is a big part of my performance and everyday life. Even in my everyday life, that’s how I put outfits together. Sometimes I take little risks with clothes. I decided to get the gloves made. We couldn’t find them anywhere in California. We didn’t buy them at a store. I got them made. I loved them!

Jermaine was wearing some sort of gloves, too. Was he trying to cop your style?

No! He has his own style. He’s been a glove person, too. We’re so different, but he’s awesome.

Was the experience what you thought it’d be?

It was a lot more than I thought it’d be. I’ve watched every season of American Idol and been one of the ones voting. I had no idea that we were going to work with such amazing people. One of my dreams came true working with Dorian [Holley]. He worked with Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson is my idol, my inspiration, my everything. Just being in his presence to me was more than I could’ve ever expected of anything. When I watched [This is It], I thought ‘”God, I hope one day when I become a successful artist, I’m able to work with him one day.” And when I stepped into the room and met him, I just started crying because I couldn’t believe it. But the show was great. Everyone has your best interest at heart and that was beautiful.

What was the highlight of this experience?

Working with Dorian was the ultimate high. At dress rehearsals, the coaches are right next to you, helping you every step of the way. Dorian used to do that with Michael Jackson and just to see that he was standing right next to me helping me, it was like “Wow! Oh my God!”

What’s your plan now? Are we going to see a music career, fashion line or both?

I’m going to continue on the music. I do want a fashion line and I am going to make it happen, but I’m not going back to Miami until I can come home with something big for them. I’m staying here in L.A. and going to pursue this music because I know I was born to do this. And I know God has a really big plan for me. I just need time to center and get in touch with who I really am as an artist so that when I come back, I can come back real and true so the world can appreciate that. I’m going to stay out here and make it better and make it happen.

Photo: Frank Micelotta/Fox