Readers respond to the ''Survivor,'' ''Valentine's Day,'' and the rise of 3-D cinema

By EW Staff
Updated March 05, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

Unfair Play
In a week that gave us the latest films from Roman Polanski and Martin Scorsese, you put Survivor: Heroes vs Villains atop the Must List? Diabolical! I know which side of the island I’d put you guys on.
Ward Porrill
West Hollywood

  • Game Hunter
  • I’ve been enjoying your Games sections. Nongamers don’t seem to understand that videogames are able to suck you in in a way that other art forms cannot. Keep up the section, please, if only for me.
  • Matthew Verlei
  • Mesa, Ariz.

Sugar Rush
Jeez, who licked the red off your candy, Lisa Schwarzbaum? My friends and I enjoyed Valentine’s Day and don’t feel it deserves the F you gave it. Was it Citizen Kane? No, but it was funny and entertaining.
Trudy Tanner
Landrum, S.C.

  • Future Shock
  • I’m horrified to think that one day all films may be in 3-D. I have monocular vision and can’t see in 3-D — and I’m not the only one. I know filmmakers are enthralled by the opportunities (and money) this technology will bring, but I implore them to think of the portion of their audience for whom 3-D just doesn’t work.
  • Ruth Calkins
  • Montgomery Village, Md.

  • Reader Breakdown
  • Lost Coverage: Overdue or Overdone?
  • The Island castaways will soon vanish from the airwaves — and we’ve been there to capture every flash-sideways and wisp of smoke. But is it too much of a good thing? Here, our ever-passionate readers speak their minds.

19% Lobbied for a Matthew Fox & Evangeline Lilly cover
19% Loved it
5% Just glad it wasn’t Twilight again
3% Confessed a crush on Doc Jensen
3% Wished we had highlighted the Olympics instead
51% Don’t get what all the fuss is about

Mark Harris’ Blind Side Column Sparks Discussion on Fact vs. Fiction in Film
”Thank you, Mark Harris, for so eloquently putting into words what I’ve been griping about for years,” noted Lorene White of Honolulu, who added, ”I’m black and I haven’t seen The Blind Side because I had a feeling that it was an oversimplified Hollywood version of a complicated black American story.” Amanda Ross of Somerville, Tenn., wrote, ”Having been born and raised just outside Memphis, I feel compelled to point out that the book is not without flaws. [Author Michael] Lewis obviously did not spend too much time in Memphis.” Bradley Moore of Hendersonville, Tenn., echoed the sentiments of other letter writers with this: ”While The Blind Side may not follow the book to the letter, you would have to venture far and wide to find a book-to-screen adaptation that does.”

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