You want your adorable I Am Sam moppet in panties and mesh thigh-highs snarling about “dead end dreams” and “stone age love”? It is your lucky day, friend.

Fanning, as Cherrie Currie, takes on the Runaways‘ delinquent-Lolita anthem “Cherry Bomb” for the upcoming biopic of the original grrl band (co-star Kristen Stewart, as Joan Jett, sings back-up). Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out, below:

It basically sounds like the original, just less awesome. True, Dakota yell-talks more than sings, but that’s hardly unlike Currie; the Runaways were about teen rebellion and general bad-assery, not melisma. And she does nail the hair.

The movie comes to theaters April 9. Will you be there, neon angels?

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