''Eight is Enough'' and ''Patridge Family'' casts appear on NBC's ''Today'' show

By Archana Ram
Updated March 05, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

Eight Is Enough

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Brought together last week on NBC’s Today show, the Eight Is Enough and Partridge Family casts dish on their blasts from the past.

Eight is enough
Without the Today meet-up, Grant Goodeve (who played eldest son David on the show) admits that a reunion probably never would have happened. ”It’s been a gift,” he said. ”There’s a physical comfort, just like a real family.”

The Partridge Family
Danny Bonaduce (Danny), who had multiple brushes with the law post-Partridge, keeps in touch with David Cassidy (Keith) and Shirley Jones (Shirley): ”Shirley’s still got that mom-type feeling, and David has bail money.”

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Eight Is Enough

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