By Clark Collis
Updated March 04, 2010 at 04:08 PM EST

Every so often I volunteer to dog sit my friends’ hound, a beagle named George. Oh, the fun we have together! Sometimes we go for walks. Sometimes he poops on the carpet. And sometimes I dress him to look just like Clint Eastwood in the enjoyably old school WWII actioner Where Eagles Dare.

Okay, so I don’t do the last thing—but I might start, having been inspired by Empire magazine’s goofy (or should that be Pluto-y?) gallery of reader-generated, dog-themed movie poster mash-ups. In addition to Where Beagles Dare, you’ll also find Terminator Dalmation, In the Poop, Pup Fiction, The Good German Shepherd, Good Will Humping, The Great Dane Robbery, There Will Be Bloodhound, Planet Terrier, and many more. It’s all good clean fun, though I was disappointed by the lack of a Near Bark. Maybe I’ll just have to rough—”Ruff!”—one out myself.