By Dalton Ross
Updated March 04, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Hey, everyone loves Rupert, right? He’s a gentle giant. Or a big teddy bear. Take your pick. Plus, he started Rupert’s Kids. They’re kids — kids who love Rupert! But there was someone hatin’ on Rupert during tonight’s episode of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and it wasn’t a contestant. It was Jeff Probst! [If you’ve watched tonight’s episode, read on after the jump to get the skinny on why Probst was hatin’ and who was voted out.]

After the Heroes managed to lose two more challenges this evening, they were back in a familiar place: Tribal Council, and the majority appeared (appeared!) ready to vote out another strong player in either Tom or Colby. Probst went to town on the tribe for being more concerned with alliances instead of keeping the people who gave the tribe the best chance to win. When Rupert then openly disowned the vote he himself was about to cast due to the alliances he had made, Probst went off: “What part of that makes sense? Keeping your word in a game called outwit, outplay, outlast?… ‘Cause I’m looking at a tribe that, you’re all keeping your word. Great. All it’s doing is giving you more time with me at Tribal Council.” When Rupert then noted that “being at Tribal Council sucks,” Probst was incredulous. His response? “You’re a part of the reason based on that philosophy, Rupert!”

This was merely the first shocking event of Tribal, however. The second came when J.T. split from the majority to join Tom (who used his hidden immunity idol) and Colby in voting off Cirie —someone he had been looking to get rid off before the game even began, according to his pre-game interview with me. It capped off an action-packed episode that also involved a slip-and-slide, an epic Coach meltdown, the return of an infamous challenge, and the search for two hidden immunity idols. Check out my full recap for more, as well as Jeff Probst’s blog. And share your thoughts on the episode on the message boards. Was Probst too harsh? Did J.T. make the right move in flipping? And who’d you enjoy watching most on the slip-and-slide? Also, check out the pep talk video below that Cirie recorded for herself before the game as a little pick-me-up in case she got voted out. And to get all the Survivor scoop sent directly to you, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.