Image Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos; Brian To/FilmMagic.comThe S— My Dad Says pilot has rounded out its cast: William Shatner as the dad and now Ryan Devlin as the Twitter-happy son. Devlin may be best known as Smith from Cougar Town, but he’ll always be Mercer from Veronica Mars to me.

Recent updates from the foul-mouthed feed include “Calm down. You don’t just grab a ruler and tell everyone to whip their d—s out. You stuff your crotch and keep your pants on.” The fact that CBS is going to have to clean everything up for network makes me sort of sad; part of what’s funny is thinking about a 74-year-old guy saying these incredibly crass things. My can-they-make-this-PG-13 fears will be calmed if CBS can clear one major hurdle: What are they going to retitle it? Stuff My Dad Says? Crap My Dad Says? Dads Say the Darnedest Things? A Dad, A Son, and a Twitter Account?

Help CBS out, PopWatchers: What’s the network-appropriate title for S––– My Dad Says?