Image Credit: Michael Becker/FXWell the fat lady has sung (and probably got some lipo on her way out of the building): FX’s Nip/Tuck has finished its television run. For my money, no other show recent television has been so shocking, infuriating, fascinating, terrifying, and entertaining. It’s been a roller-coaster ride with highs (season two’s phenomenal showcase of Famke Janssen as Ava Moore) and lows (season three’s gross Carver storyline). But I’m genuinely sad to see this series end.

Tonight’s finale wisely eschewed amped-up dramatics and instead focused on the bromance between Christian and Sean, the beating heart of the show. Although there was still time for some typical Nip/Tuck craziness like, oh I don’t know, Japanese senior citizen porn! But it was an oddly apt metaphor for Sean to realize he needed to move on and live his dream.

Julia has always been kind of a pill but she did have one of the night’s best lines to Christian: “You steal people’s souls.” Ouch. Mean but fair. It was all amplified by Kimber’s great final appearance where she admitted to Christian that she had to kill herself to get away from him. Yikes! Way to kick a guy when he’s down.

Sean has never come off more sad and pathetic than on tonight’s episode. He just seemed to be grasping at anything and anyone for support and comfort. It was especially sad at the big dinner good-bye scene when he had to part ways with Julia and his kids. I still don’t really understand how he’s okay with them moving to England.

If ever there was a way to spin-off Nip/Tuck, I think it’s through the character of Ava Moore. Famke Janssen is just AWESOME in this role. I could totally watch a series just about her and her crazy life (Janssen has also never looked better!). Her scene with Sean in which she abandoned her baby was just great. “I’m not the monster. I’m just one of its victims!” But it felt incredibly fitting that Ava would end up with Matt and that Matt would end the series completely lying to Christian. Ava is someone who yearns to be adored and look normal and Matt can give that to her. FX, let’s get that spin-off going…except maybe lose Matt. Or at least get his eyebrows and hair under control.

Is it me or did Matt look like he had just woken up throughout the entire episode? It was like every scene he showed up with bedhead. I’ve never been a fan of that character so I could just be nit picking.

And finally Liz got some respect! After years of being on the sidelines, Christian and Sean finally made her a partner. And, more importantly, she got to say the series’ iconic line: “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.”

Speaking of which, Christian sitting down Sean and asking him that very question was definitely one of the best moments of last night’s finale. It just felt quite fitting. And I have to say that I got a little teary-eyed during their farewells at the airport. And I loved that the episode ended with Christian hitting on a Kimber lookalike at the airport bar. Perfect. Nothing changes.

The entire episode was fairly quiet and subtle for Nip/Tuck standards and I’m okay with that. We’ve had enough crazy cliff-hangers and loopy finales. This felt more personal and character-specific.

What did you think of the final episode of Nip/Tuck, PopWatchers? Did it live up to expectations? Or did it disappoint you?