By Annie Barrett
March 04, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST
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BBC Worldwide Productions, the team behind Dancing with the Stars, is officially planning an ice dancing reality-competition series for ABC “later this year,” according to a statement. This is really happening. It’ll be modeled after BBC’s Strictly Ice Dancing and will feature six celebrities paired with professional stars from the skating world. (Related: Johnny Weir needs to turn pro ASAP. He should at least be the host.) Back when I compared Olympic Ice Dancing to Dancing with the Stars, commenter Katie provided a metaphor all of us could understand: “Both are junk food, but ice dancing is Ben & Jerry’s and DWTS is more like a Twinkie.” So this new mess from ABC will be like a TWINKIE SUNDAE.

Obviously, I will be covering this. I’m glad for any excuse to keep using our cheesy PopWatch on Ice banner after the Olympics, but I do worry that I’ll care about ice dancing even less in a few months than I do right now in a post-Vancouver haze. And for the record, I will not be completely satisfied by this yet-to-be-titled show unless one of the pairs ends up married with a baby named Magnus, like Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler from Fox’s Skating With Celebrities (2006).

Who’s in? Will you still care about ice dancing in September? Do you care about it now? And which pro skaters should become reality TV stars? The lineup for ABC’s “Thin Ice” special later this month looks promising…

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