March 03, 2010 at 09:45 PM EST

Is it a bandwagon if it’s trashy? Does that make it a trashwagon or something? Whatever it is, TigerText is capitalizing on Tiger Woods’ salacious and damning text messages with an app that lets you delete text messages from their recipients’ phone, not just your own. “You control the lifespan of the message!” it boasts. Pssst, douches who want this: you control the message itself.

TigerText’s CEO asked a CNN correspondent, “How many times have you sent a text message and closed with the words ‘please delete after reading’?” I have done that zero times. And I’m not even that good a person! Sexting schmexting; I would be far more scandalized to discover someone wasting money on this app (it’s free to try, and after that it’s a few bucks a month) than sending naughty texts.

If you don’t trust the person you’re texting to be discreet, this app isn’t going to help you: They can still take a screen grab or copy the text you sent them, or just tell people what a creeper you are. Doesn’t this reek of sketchiness, PopWatchers? Or do you want to destroy your texts as soon as your mistress reads them?

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