By Archana Ram
Updated March 03, 2010 at 07:28 PM EST
Scott Garfield

As any Nicholas Sparks’ novel will show you, life is one big sweeping romance, and as Amanda Seyfried proved to us in the film adaptation of Sparks’ Dear John, love often involves rain, crying, and crying the rain. (But if I was waiting for Channing Tatum to come home to me, I’d probably be crying, too.)

Since we can’t help you get Tatum, we can help you find the necklace so many of you have been asking about. To sweetly accessorize her undying love, Seyfried’s Savannah wore SonyaRenee’s 14kt gold “Love” necklace (; $175), which also comes in other symbols, including peace and prosperity.

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Photo: Scott Garfield