By Archana Ram
Updated March 03, 2010 at 09:14 PM EST

After successful stints on SNL and even as host of the ESPY Awards, you’d think that Justin Timberlake would oh-so-naturally achieve greatness in the world of film. But au contraire, JT-lovers. If his track record — including Alpha Dog and Black Snake Moan — is any indication, he’s still got some work to do transitioning from TV to film. You can’t help but hype the movie career of a guy who created magic using a box and his male appendage, but without a new “Sexy Back” or “Dick in a Box” to keep us interested, what does a fan have to look forward to?

Well, in his newest role in Jake Kasdan’s Bad Teacher, Timberlake joins Jason Segel and Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet for a comedic romp that could serve as a pretty good tutorial for young Timberlake — not to mention providing interesting on-set chemistry with Timberlake’s former girlfriend, Cameron Diaz. I may not love Segel on How I Met Your Mother, but I couldn’t deny the genius script behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which the actor co-wrote. As for Stonestreet, can you say, best-part-of-Modern-Family? I think so!

Let’s put the negativity aside and cross our fingers for JT.