PopWatch’s love affair with Johnny Weir continued last night as he made an appearance on HLN’s Joy Behar Show. He reiterated his position that the two sports commentators who suggested he undergo a gender test during the Olympics should’ve thought before they spoke: Parents may repress their children if they think they’ll just be ridiculed for being themselves or (gasp!) turning out like him. “And I think me is pretty fabulous,” Weir said. Behar agreed, adding that she loved his “Snooki hair.” “It’s Marie Antoinette, not so Snooki,” Weir corrected her. Then he admitted he doesn’t actually know that much about Snooki, and I had a vision of us sharing a (faux) fur blanket and watching a Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon (his preferred reality show) while he occasionally got up to dust my apartment. But wait, there’s more…

Behar asked him to comment on the remarks that he was “too gay” for figure skating. His response: (sideways glance) “It’s figure skating.” Ha! He made the point that no man has ever been accused of being “too butch” for the sport, and often, the women are “more butch” than the men. I mean, feathers, rhinestones, you know, velvet, glitter, it’s not exactly the image, especially for Americans, of a macho sport. But what I do, I challenge any football player, any hockey player, any soccer player, to do what I do for one day and not cry,” he said. Forget, Shaq vs. — that is a show I would watch! Behar then showed him a clip of Isaac Mizrahi on her show joking that Johnny was “a little too gay.” She said he was in good company if Elton John thinks Jesus is gay. “I suppose so… I think Jesus was a woman,” he quipped. Behar decided she wasn’t going to touch that one, and instead moved on to Weir’s fur controversy. He said he wasn’t going to lie and say he just wears faux fur now. “Just because someone feels one way, doesn’t mean I’m gonna change how I feel.”

Highlights not in the video above: Weir said he felt he deserved to medal in Vancouver after delivering a free skate that was the best he’s ever been: “But figure skating is a judged sport, a political sport. There was already one American assured a medal spot, and maybe they were saving room so that two Americans couldn’t be on the medal stand.” (Note: When superfan Kelly Ripa suggested he was robbed onRegis and Kelly Tuesday, he blamed the judges’ ages.) Also, he admitted he didn’t get any action in the Olympic Village. “There are usually rules in the Olympic Village: No smoking, no drinking, no drugs, and no fornication,” he said. “So I was very shocked that they were giving us condoms.”

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