Based purely on the number of classic pop culture moments Jessica Simpson produced during Newlyweds, we all know that her upcoming VH1 show The Price of Beauty will at least be watchable. And based on the preview, I think I’ll actually enjoy it.

The eight-episode series will feature Simpson (with best friends Ken Paves and CaCee Cob in tow) traveling the world to discover how beauty is defined. Simpson seems to have toned down the goofy nature that we became familiar with during her Newlyweds era, but I imagine that’s in part due to the show’s serious nature. On that note, the information gathered during her around-the-world tour will likely not be groundbreaking — anyone who regularly tunes in to the National Geographic Channel has already seen wonderfully executed specials about the same subject. But with someone as relatable, likable, and relevant as Simpson, I imagine the information will reach new audiences.

Message aside, this is Jessica Simpson we’re talking about. She’s traveling to exotic places like Thailand, Mumbai, and Uganda, encountering things she’s never seen before. You know there will be at least one viral clip to come out of this. If for that fact alone, it’s on my Must List. It doesn’t premiere until March 15, but what’s wrong with planning ahead? Also, catch Simpson on today’s Oprah, where she’ll talk about Price of Beauty and John Mayer.

Now it’s your turn. What’s on your Must List this week and in the coming days? Alice in Wonderland anyone? Is there an iPhone app that has so much of your attention that you’re bumping into people as you walk down the street? How about a TV show/website or book? Sound off below!