March 03, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled ranting and complaining to bring you the following newsflash: The top 10 women of American Idol‘s ninth season took to the stage tonight, and as the eloquent scholar Randy Jackson is so fond of saying, more than a few of them “blew it out the box!”

Okay, yeah, we still had to endure unfortunate things happening to Sixpence None the Richer and Miley Cyrus (payback’s a bitch, eh?), but in a season that’s been marked by little voices, big attitudes, and Ellen DeGeneres’ love affair with the word “great,” it was nice to get some actual solid-to-splendid singing on the Idol stage tonight. [Warning: SPOILERS ahead, west-coast readers, so proceed with caution!] Crystal Bowersox took CCR to church (and the judges took to their pimpmobiles to spread the news of her inevitable march toward the Nokia). Lilly Scott ordered the Adam Lambert special — “A Change Is Gonna Come” with a side of fabulous feathers — but scored a moment of her own with a unique acoustic-jazz arrangement. Siobhan Magnus hit a note I’m still going to remember in mid-May. Katelyn Epperly took to the piano and officially put her hat in the ring for “season 9 dark horse.” And Michelle Delamor…well, I can’t say she made Creed cool, necessarily, but interesting I will give her!

Anyhow, it’s with a happy heart that I leave you to go write my full TV Watch recap, which will post early tomorrow morning at In the meantime, head to the comments section and share your thoughts on tonight’s episode, then watch the latest episode of Idolatry (embedded below) with cameo appearances by @theriroxursox! And to get all my Idol musings and news, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!

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