March 02, 2010 at 10:01 PM EST

Image Credit: Jeffrey Neira/CBSThe Good Wife returns tonight after a few weeks off, and I for one am elated: Family drama, political maneuvering, and a decent legal show to boot? Hello, gorgeous.

When we left the Florricks, Peter had just gotten home, Alicia was impressively keeping it together, Kalinda was being the awesomest, Cary was being smarmy but adorable, Will was being less smarmy and more adorable, and Diane was wearing pantsuits. Oooh. Julianna Margulies is terrific on the show, and what makes the performance stand out (other than her scarily perfect eyebrows) is how little Alicia actually speaks; she says plenty with her body language and composure, but as titular star characters go, Alicia’s practically silent. It’s an interesting choice for the show, and definitely one that reflects Alicia’s role in everyone else’s lives: She’s the port in the storm, the calm seriousness amid chaos. And that is so, so much pressure. Maybe she could blow off some steam by finally hooking up with Will? Just a suggestion, Good Wife!

My other suggestion: Bring on some Chicago authenticity. Despite the show’s strengths, it’s the least convincing Chicago setting in years.

Are you enjoying The Good Wife as much as I am, PopWatchers? Do you see Peter and Alicia staying married, or would you rather see her with someone else? Will Matt Czuchry ever not be Logan Huntzberger to you, and can Mary Beth Peil ever not be Grams?

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