Robert Pattinson stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Monday to help celebrate the show’s one-year anniversary, promote his new film Remember Me (actually, he left that up to Fallon),and look really awkward sitting in a tree. Props to him for filming the cameo in Fallon’s popular Robert is Bothered series (watch it below). Fallon’s interview (embedded after the jump), revealed next to nothing, other than screaming audience members are difficult to understand, Pattinson has a sister who’s a singer, he only made it through half an episode of Lost, and he misses the comfort of the Twilight media blitz. He said he was able to rehearse his answers before each interview because he knew he’d be asked the same questions. Safe bet, Rob: You will be asked how it feels to be doing press that has nothing to do with vampires and werewolves. Judging from your Today and Late Night appearances, you’ve got that response down.

Did Jimmy make the most of his visit from Pattinson? Bonus clip after the jump: The second installment of Fallon’s Lost-spoof, Late.

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