March 02, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Howard Stern went on CBS’ The Early Show to give his reaction to Jay Leno’s return to The Tonight Show. Did Stern have an opinion? Um, yeah: He called Leno “a thief” — “he lifts bits directly from my show — ‘Jay-Walking’ was lifted from my radio show!” — and an NBC “lapdog” who “sabotaged” Conan O’Brien. Stern said Leno “makes me want to vomit”:

As you can see, CBS Early Show host Harry Smith — a heck of a good sport and fast with the questions, I should say — was, in the face of Stern’s barrage of insults to Leno, forced to actually defend the host of a rival network, doing his job as an interviewer by pointing out that the decision to reinstall Leno “comes down to money — Leno was spectacularly successful [as The Tonight Show host],” Smith observes.

Granted, CBS had little to lose by allowing Howard to let off steam: Stern praised the network’s own David Letterman extravagantly. Still, this was pretty vehement stuff for usually calm morning TV.

Smith also got Stern to comment on the American Idol-judge rumor: “If they gave me a $100 million, I’d be insane not to take that. I would of course consider it.”

I must admit I missed this segment when it aired on Tuesday (thanks to EW subscriber Mark Twomey for calling my attention to it). You have to admit, love him or hate him, Howard Stern really heats up the cool medium of TV really fast.

What’s your reaction?

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