By Jeff Jensen
Updated March 02, 2010 at 11:32 PM EST

Those who follow me on Twitter this season know that I’ve been recommending old episodes of Lost to watch in order to prep for the week’s new episode of Lost. I’ve suspended the practice this week–and for the duration–for two reasons: 1. My recommendations have been effectively spoiling the new episode’s featured Sideways character, and many fans have wanted to make that discovery for themselves; and 2. You really need to experience this week’s episode without any context. In fact, I might say that the absence of helpful, illuminating, leading context is a crucial theme to tonight’s episode. Why do I know this? Because my Totally Lost partner Dan Snierson and I were on the set of tonight’s episode, entitled “Sundown,” when it was shooting back in late October. The scenes that we saw were pretty awesome, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished work in its entirety tonight. Back on point: for those of who really enjoyed my “Lost Prep Homework” and found my selections helpful here in a season in which Lost is making a habit of explicitly and slyly communing with past episodes, check out my Tuesday Doc Jensen columns; beginning next week, I’ll post some suggestions in a section that will be easily skipabble for spoilerphobes. Coming up after tonight’s episode: my instant reaction. In the meantime, we offer the new installment of Totally Lost, which yes, has some teasers for tonight’s episode, but also has some analysis of last week’s “Lighthouse,” plus an interview with Emilie de Ravin on playing Squirrel Nut Claire! Talk soon!

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