By Archana Ram
Updated March 01, 2010 at 04:06 PM EST
Credit: Copetti/Photofab/
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Of all the head pieces Lady Gaga has worn (and there have been many), none has been so glitter-tastic — or so easily deciphered, compared to the her abstract pieces — as the bejeweled lobster headpiece she wore on Saturday after the last London concert of her Monster Ball tour.

As weird as that red lace face mask was — and it definitely was — I think the crustacean trumps all other head gear for its sheer, “Say what?” factor. Can she see properly through the tentacles? Do the jewels scratch her face? Was she planning to eat lobster that night in some sort of meta feast? Was she making a symbolic gesture that’s she found her lobster? The questions abound.

Plus, it’s certainly something when the tamest part of an outfit is the see-through plastic with strategically placed tape.

What do you think of Gaga’s lobster piece? What’s your favorite Gaga headpiece?

Photo: Version: Copetti/Photofab/

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