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Image Credit: VH1Between a former member of The Bad Girls Club, one of Project Runway‘s sassiest alums, and Bobby Brown, there has been no shortage of drama on this season’s edition of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. Surprisingly absent from the bulk of it (despite being just feet away from ex-flame Shar Jackson) has been Kevin Federline, arguably the cast member most familiar with chaos.

The former Mr. Britney Spears is flying under the radar this season, seemingly focused more on shedding the pounds that led tabloids to dub him ”K-Fat.” In an interview with EW, he tells us he’s still on that mission and dishes about the rest of the Fit Club season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve been busy, but have you had a chance to catch the episodes of Fit Club as they air?

KEVIN FEDERLINE: I haven’t been watching them as they air, but I lived through it. But I think I’m going to start watching because I need the motivation. I just started back on my diet and working out and everything. I took about a month off [filming for the season concluded back in November]. I’m trying to get the six-pack back.

Yeah, you were a dancer and really fit. What did Fit Club teach you that you didn’t already know?

They taught me a lot because when I was dancing, I was dancing so much that I could eat whatever I wanted. They taught me everything, pretty much, and how to really get healthy. I’m a lot older now so it’s harder, and I can’t go out and eat junk food, hamburgers, and pizza and all that stuff without actually seeing it on my stomach. So they really taught me what kind of calorie intake I should be taking in every day. I know what to do to get where I want to go. When I was dancing, I could eat whatever I wanted all day long, do whatever I want, drink whatever I want, and being in rehearsal six hours a day or on tour, it just comes right off.

Did anything about the experience surprise you?

It was different than what I expected at first. I thought I was going to go in, and they were going to shed all this weight, and I didn’t really realize what kind of emotional attachments there were. The first week I really realized that when I was doing the detox. I was at home, and I was cooking my kids macaroni and cheese, and I can’t have that. I kinda got mad. I was upset because I wanted to eat that and I couldn’t. So instead I went downstairs and got on the treadmill and kind of ran it out.

What can you tell me about the rest of the season? Can we expect any major moments between you and Shar?

Yeah. You probably will. You’ll have to watch and see. I’m not going to give it away.

Darn. What can you tell me about the rest of the season?

I think next week is probably going to be the big challenge. Everyone will see what we had to go through. My name of next week’s [challenge] is horses—- mountain. And it was a pain in the ass.

It’s good that you’re back on track, but as someone who has been harped on for his weight, what did you think of that whole Kevin Smith/Southwest Airlines fiasco? I think it’s not fair. To me the guy doesn’t even look that big…. I can totally see how he’d be embarrassed.

Would you recommend the Fit Club experience?

I can say that it worked for me. I don’t now what works for anyone else, but I would definitely recommend it to anybody, not just celebs. Ian and Harvey were great. Ronda was great. Everybody really opened my eyes up. I thought harder to get in shape than it was, and I have them to thank for that.

I heard a rumor that you’ve signed on for some weight-loss endorsement.

No. Not right now — maybe in the future. Maybe once I get that six-pack I can show people how I did it.

What about your fellow Fit Clubbers? How are they doing?

I’ve spoken to almost everybody. I think the only person I haven’t spoken to is Jay; he sent me a text not too long ago, but I was in Australia. But everybody else, we text each other back and forth. I saw Bobby and Nicole not too long ago. Everybody’s doing pretty good.

Are any of you going to work together soon? Maybe a Bobby-K-Fed collaboration?

[Laughs] I don’t know. You’ll have to see.

Celebrity Fit Club airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.

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