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Image Credit: Eric McCandless/ABCThe great thing about an ensemble drama is that even when a character’s story line is one note, you have enough players to make the hour sound like a symphony. Here’s what happened last night:

• Kevin and Robert acknowledged their love. Or rather, Buffy did it for them. With Robert now a lame duck and Kitty busy campaigning, he was even more dependent on Kevin. Robert assumed Kevin would follow him to whatever top-secret job opportunity he’s exploring. Kevin realized it was time to tell Robert that he wanted out of their relationship politics. Robert overreacted and told Kevin to type up his resignation and consider it his last day, but naturally, the Senator had the world’s quickest turn around and did the right thing: He called Kevin back to the office — allegedly to tell his brother-in-law about the dream job — and had a goodbye party waiting for him. I know we were supposed to be touched (and I do love male bonding, so Robert’s toast got me). But really, I was just wondering if Kitty knows about this job. Maybe it’ll be in Washington, and that’s how Rob Lowe leaves the show. Or maybe he’ll keep it a secret for so long, even from Kitty, that it’ll cause another riff.

• Rebecca turned to dance. Rebecca lied to Justin and told him she was having dinner with David when she wasn’t. I had no clue where she would’ve been going instead — I thought maybe she was volunteering with kids somewhere. Turns out she’s been taking a ballet class but didn’t want to tell Justin because then she’d have to discuss her miscarriage. When he showed up after she struggled through class, she told him she wanted to do something she knew her body was good at, but it was just failing her again. She felt broken. So nice to see Emily VanCamp get a chance to act! Justin reassured her that as a recovering drug addict, he knows that starting over is possible, it just takes time and a promise not to give up. (Or, you know, take a ballroom class INSTEAD OF BALLET.) She was smiling at the bar when we last saw her. I’m glad the show’s writers didn’t go down the “she’ll blame him for not wanting the baby as much as she did” route. We all get to move on. One question: When are we going to find out if Justin’s academic issue has been fixed?

• Holly discovered York is after something called Narrow Lake. Nora is seriously freaking me out with her fear of/obsession with Dennis York. My mind is going to bad places — like, did he try to do to Nora what he did with Holly? Is she afraid he’ll come after her kids because one of them is his? Okay, no. That’s crazy talk. But what could it be? What’s on this property Narrow Lake, which William bought in 1973? What’s the significance of the song title? How are they going to make sure this long-awaited reveal isn’t anti-climactic? Is your patience wearing thin already?

• Kitty fired Buffy, repeatedly. Amazingly, their back-and-forth never annoyed me, probably because Calista Flockhart and Cheryl Hines are having so much fun with it. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Buffy, who finally accepted that Kitty doesn’t want to work with someone who’d insist she wear high heels to a gun club (“I want the voters to know that I can make really tough decisions like what I put on my feet”) or say she doesn’t believe in a firearm ban on California convicts to secure votes. Kitty had the gun-shaped plaque she was awarded from the club in her purse when she, Nora and Sarah rushed into City Hall to try to stop Luc’s green card marriage to his art dealer. Which brings us to…

• Sarah forgot that Luc had a cellphone that he’d been using to text her. I get that we had to have our Graduate moment, but really, Sarah should’ve tried to call Luc to tell him she loved him and didn’t want him to marry the gallery owner so he wouldn’t have to leave the country in four weeks. But then, we also would’ve missed Kitty securing the votes of the City Hall security guards (her plaque looked real in the X-ray machine and the ladies were detained) and Nora getting pissed at one for not being touched by Sarah telling Nora she was right — she has to have faith in herself, Luc’s return, and love. (Nora: “Doesn’t this move you in any way?” Guard: “Ma’am, I watch Oprah. Nothing surprises me.”)

Let’s just pretend it’s okay for Kitty to compare asking someone to dance to asking someone to marry you, and say it was sweet that she encouraged Sarah to tie the knot. Sarah got to Luc in time to stop the wedding but she didn’t marry him, so they have four weeks to figure something else out — if Luc can fit it into his schedule of movies with Saul, gardens with Nora, Kevin, and Scotty, and surfing with Justin. In the preview for the next episode (airing in two weeks), we saw Luc say he’s legal and Kitty get booed at a rally because she’s gotten tangled up in his immigration issues. (Kevin was by her side? Is he her new campaign manager or just an interim?) That’s all good, but um, did someone say Luc had been A PORN STAR? Brothers & Sisters is the king of misleading promos, but if this turns out to be true, it could be THE craziest story line on this show yet. And also, kinda funny: Sarah Googles Nora’s boyfriends, just not her own?

What are your theories about Robert’s job, Luc’s past, and Narrow Lake? Who’s wishing we’d gotten more Scotty this episode? Best husband ever?

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