The funniest lines from ''The Women Tell All'' episode

By EW Staff
Updated February 26, 2010 at 05:00 AM EST

As advertised, the women told all during The Bachelor‘s special The Women Tell All episode. Here are just a few of our favorite quotes from the telecast.

”She s—s rainbows.” —Gia, talking about the squeaky-voiced, überperky finalist Tenley

”I think she might dream in cartoons.”—Vienna, on Tenley

”We all saw you guys cuddling 24/7. I’ve never touched one of my male friends’ thighs.” —Christina, to Rozlyn, who was accused of having an ”inappropriate relationship” with a Bachelor producer

”I said, ‘Chris Harrison seems really upset, because he says he’s a friend of yours.’ He said that’s news to him, especially when you were hitting on his wife in New Zealand.” —Rozlyn, to The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, recalling a conversation she had with the producer in question (she denies there was a physical relationship)

”I clearly won’t dignify that with a response.” —Host Chris Harrison, responding to Rozlyn