For me, it’s a tie. An unprecedented double gold! I love this one from Procter and Gamble, proud sponsor of Moms. They also have one set to Shirley Bassey’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. I think it’s kind of creepy when little boys try to shave (ewww Kevin McAllister), but the look of fearful determination on the little figure skating girl at 0:39 just slays me. I have died. Lower me into ice!

But that one’s just teary. The Dan Jansen Visa commercial is teary and goosebumpy, front-crossovering from horror to depression to icy redemption within 30 seconds. HE NAMED HIS DAUGHTER JANE, you guys. Go world.


Wal-Mart (another proud sponsor of Moms) commercial with the hockey mom who’s saving up for seven pairs of skates. Her daughter might tire of hockey before it comes to that.

Coke: The “Breathe Me” ad with Special Olympics footage that first aired during Beijing 2008 or, especially if you’re Canadian, the “he shoots, he scores!” hockey commercial.

Chevrolet‘s “We carry them while they carry us” spot has a sweet message, but gives me terrifying flashbacks to when my sister and I had to eat pulled pork sandwiches and seasoned fries on the floor of our father’s wood-paneled Dodge minivan (eat it, Olympics: Team Dad/Team Dodge!) while being carted from school basketball practice to nighttime basketball clinic. Okay, the pulled pork sounds kind of fun. And it was so nice of my mom to actually cook food. Team Mom again.

Oh and speaking of fast food, I could do a whole series on the ridiculata factor of the Choosy Olympians Choose Chicken McNuggets campaign, but I’ll spare you. This post is about tears, not chili dipping sauce. Which Olympics commercials make you cry, PopSasquatchers?

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