When iTunes officially sold its 10 billionth download yesterday, it wasn’t to a 14-year-old girl pinging Ke$ha tracks from her MacBook Pro to her third-gen iPhone 3G in geometry class.

The lucky recipient of a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card (and a whole lot of press) is 71-year-old Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia—a retired real estate agent, onetime Navy radar operator, and grandfather of nine who just wanted Johnny Cash’s 1958 single “Guess Things Happen That Way” for his new Nano, a birthday gift from his children. And he bought it on a PC: “I do not own a Mac, no,” he chuckles. “I knew somebody was going to ask me that question.”

Sulcer has spent the last day fielding calls from, among others, Apple head Steve Jobs (“I thought it was my son, he’s always a joker. I kept saying, ‘Come on, Kevin, I know it’s you!”) and Cash’s daughter Rosanne (“she had her husband, who is her guitarist, play the song to me over the phone. That was real nice.”).

He has been a devoted Johnny Cash fan for most of his life, he says: “I went to Georgia Tech on a football scholarship, broke just about every bone in my body. All those boys on the team, we just loved country music… My whole life, I had never understood why people go see movies twice, but I’ve seen [Cash biopic] Walk the Line four times. My kids finally bought me the DVD. And I was pretty sure I had all of his music, but I was just checking iTunes, listening to those little 20 or 30 second clips, and I found this one. It has some good pickin’ in it!”

For a guy with fewer than 1,000 songs in his iTunes library, $10,000 is a lot to of iBucks spend. Will he be sharing the prize? “I’m gonna give my daughter’s husband some of it. I feel very fortunate and lucky. I never won anything. But to be 71 is lucky enough! I got my kids and my grandkids, it’s almost spring and the fish are coming in. I’m in great shape and just enjoying life.”

Hear the song that started it all below, and click here for a full list of iTunes’ all-time top songs:

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